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How to Shoot Stunning Waterfall Photography

by admin

Waterfalls are one of nature’s wonders for landscape photography. When I’m in front of a waterfall, I want to get smooth, silky water and motion blur with a long exposure. That can be tricky.

In this article, I’ll share seven tips for breathtaking waterfall photography.

Stay Safe When Photographing Waterfalls

Photographing waterfalls can be a different field. You will find yourself in slippery terrain when learning how to photograph waterfalls. Every rock, leaf, and tree is wet, muddy, or full of moss and lichens. So keep in mind to constantly watch your step.

Depending on the season, water streams and waterfalls can be big and powerful. The moving water can make you lose your balance or drag your equipment away.

The closer you get to a waterfall, the more water spray and airflow there will be. Your camera gear and equipment while capturing the perfect shot.

To keep your camera safe, use a plastic bag to protect the front lens or any filters. I found a practical solution with hair shower caps found in hotels. They’re very light and get the job done.

Try Composing Your Shots From the River

It’s an old truth: if you want good photographs, you need to move your feet.

The problem with water photography is that you are moving in wet and slippery terrain. So, before you go in, take all the precautions needed.

You might find a rock in the river that will be great for the foreground or as a platform for your tripod. You can often find a better angle in the river to give your beautiful waterfall photography all the justice it deserves.

Another good reason to wet your feet is the composition. There is a high probability that the waterfall photography composition will work better from the river. You can use the stream itself as an element of interest guiding towards the waterfall.

A good solution, if you don’t like to wet your feet or legs, is to use fishing boots. Some you can even hook to your belt or, even better, overalls. That way you can immerse yourself to your waist.

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