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10 benefits of using Apple cider vinegar

by admin

Have you ever wondered of something miraculous that can improve your health and boost your metabolism effortlessly. Well, if you haven’t then you are just at the right place! Apple cider vinegar has became a familiar name among the millennials as it has created a lot of buzz around the social media for its wonder health benefits.

At some point of time you must have clicked on those pop-up adds to check the facts of this concoction. The miraculous effects of using apple cider vinegar is all over the social media platforms. In today’s article let’s find out is Apple cider vinegar is really wroth your try?

Apple cider vinegar is prepared in the same way how alcohol is made. The juice of crushed apple is fermented until it turns into vinegar. This blend contains acetic acid and various minerals and vitamins. It is low in calories, helps in reducing your appetite and controls your food cravings.

Apple cider vinegar has some amazing health benefits and miraculous results, this acetic drink has become the new bae for the health freaks. It can be your go-to detox water or your weight loss buddy. This product is not just used as a drink but is also known for its amazing beauty solutions for uncountable skin and hair issues. Always use the raw organic Apple cider vinegar for the maximum benefits. It is a versatile product that can be used in different ways to treat various health, skin and hair issues. Keep scrolling to find out more:

Keep your heart healthy:
Apple cider vinegar regulates your blood pressure and is really effective in reducing elevated BP. It is known for improving good cholesterol and removing the bad cholesterol from your body. Consumption of organic apple cider vinegar with apple is an efficient way to keep your heart healthy.

Improves digestion:
Fermented food items are really good for our tummy, it improves digestion and keeps our gut healthy. Therefore, drinking a cup of water mixed with one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar is a great remedy from people with a disturbed stomach.

Controls diabetes
It is an easy and effective drink to reduce your diabetes. It is a well-known product for controlling elevated blood sugar level. Either drink a glass of warm water mixed with two tablespoons of organic Apple cider vinegar or use it as your salad dressing. A regular intake of this fermented drink can be really effective in controlling diabetes.

Protects against harmful bacteria’s:
It protects your body from harmful bacteria and pathogens like E.Coli. As the acetic acid present in the apple cider vinegar is really effective in controlling the bacterial growth in our intestine. Try drinking a glass of diluted Apple cider vinegar to maintain a healthy pH balance in your body.

Aids in weight-loss:
Apple cider vinegar has lot of good nutrients that helps in improving your metabolism. It is proved that drinking it regularly with some kind of daily exercise can help you in shedding your belly fat . Drink Apple cider vinegar diluted with warm water in empty stomach to experience a visible results.

Reduces acne:
Apple cider vinegar is magical for your acne issues, as it is acidic in nature it will effectively kill the bacteria and will also prevent the acne bacteria from spreading. Take few drops of organic cider vinegar in a spray bottle and dilute it with water. Spitz the mist all over your face or use a cotton pad to dab the product directly onto your acne, it will not only reduce the allergy and inflammation.

Anti-ageing properties:
Apple cider vinegar is great for someone who is experiencing early signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. The premature aging can be effectively cured using a toner made with organic Apple cider vinegar. It has powerful antioxidant properties that helps in slowing down the aging process. It also helps in maintaining the correct pHlevel of your face. You can prepare the toner by using equal parts of Apple cider vinegar mixed with water.

Reduces hair fall:
Apple cider vinegar has anti fungal properties and therefore, can be very effective in treating dandruff. It also helps in maintaining the pH balance of the scalp and prevents bacterial growth. Apple cider vinegar is used as a conditioner after your regular hair wash, as locks the nourishment and moisture in the hair. It controls frizzes and prevents dryness and stimulates hair growth. It keeps strength to the hair strands and thus, reduces hair fall.

Natural teeth whitener:
The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar is really beneficial for maintain a good oral health. It controls the bacterial growth in the mouth and also effectively reduces the bad breath issue. Use water and Apple cider vinegar as a gargle to clean the yellow stains from the teeth.

Can heal skin allergies :
Due to its probiotic and acetic properties Apple cider vinegar can kill fungal infections, it is effective for any redness or rash that you might be experiencing due to an insect bite or allergic reaction. It is fermented and thus, acts like an antiseptic that can be used to clean your infection.

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