About Advedic

Advedic is an ad platform that delivers maximum exposure for advertisers, with the very strong team in technology with adequate experience, team in digital advertising industry. Added with the best price, we have great premium with all sort of inventories.

We sign most exclusive deal with the best price for long term. We use most experienced ad tech team to support you by using optimization techniques to provide our customers, digital advertising solutions to deliver results.

Reach Your Global Audience

Advedic has partnership with global publishers and exchanges to reach the international users across the world. Learn More

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Monetize your traffic & Get your funds

Advedic is a hassle free digital platform, where you can monetize all your traffic across devices. Learn More

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Our Service to Brands

Brands can directly reach out the billions of prospects globally and speak to their customers via digital platform. Our unique feature of advertising extends in focus on the targeted customers. We have a wide knowledge of understanding the online behaviour of the audience, from the point of our publisher partnerships, third-party vendors and other agencies.

Our Great Business Deal For Agencies

We lead you to the right path to drive your promotional activities. We take care of advertising themes with varieties of advertising models. The strategy of Advedic is to work with agency to fulfil brand's dreams on a long-term basis. The feedback of creating advertising concept from customer's point of view yields enormous successful outcome. Our motive is not only building a brand, but also challenges in creating a demand for the particular product or service through innovative marketing techniques.